Advanced workflows

Triggering events after data is stored in your sheet.

Google Sheets are an awesome way to trigger a number of workflows. In many situations, it's easy enough to export your data out the sheet and import it into another system manually. But you can also use the following services to automate actions with the data that you store in Google Sheets.

Google Integrations

Data Studio

Google Data Studio allows you to build powerful dashboards and visualizations of your data. You can connect Data Studio to your Google Sheets by following this guide:

Connect to Google Sheets:

Big Query

If you have lots of data in your sheets and you need to analyze it using SQL syntax, Big Query is a great choice. And it's simple to connect the two services. This blog article shows how:

Third Party Integrations


Zapier has an excellent user experience, powerful workflow tools, and currently 80+ integrations for Google Sheets.


Integromat is another workflow solution that provides all sorts of actions for Google Sheets.

With a simple interface and loads of integrations, is another great solution for sending the data your store in sheets, to all sorts different services.

Anything else?

Did we miss one of your favorite integrations? Do you have a cool hack related to Google Sheets? R2each out to us and we'll update this page.

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