Submitting Webflow forms to Google Sheets

How to send your Webflow form to Google Sheets

Integrating Webflow forms with Google Sheets only takes a minute to set up with a free Sheet Monkey account. This guide shows you how.

All these guides require that you have a free Sheet Monkey account. If you haven't registered your account, please do that before continuing.

1. Create your Sheet Monkey form

Start by logging into the Sheet Monkey dashboard and create a form. If you don't know what form to start with, we recommend picking the "Blank Form" template and Sheet Monkey will automatically fill out the data once you start submitting data.

Once you've created your form, copy the "Form Action" URL to your clipboard.

Optionally, you can set up a redirect for when the form is successfully submitted.

2. Configure your WebFlow form

In WebFlow, drag a form block onto your page and add the fields that you want.

Then in the Form Block Settings, update the Action field so it has your Sheet Monkey Form Action value:

Important: You also need to make sure that Method is set to "POST"

3. Test your form

Preview your webflow site and try submitting the form. Open your Google Sheet and confirm that the values are appearing in the sheet after you submit.

Video walkthrough

Here's a video walkthrough on how to do this.

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