Form Builder

How to use Sheet Monkey's Form Builder for Google Sheets

Sheet Monkey's free form builder requires that you have the Chrome Extension installed. If you haven't already installed the Chrome Extension, please start there.

Building your first form

Open a spreadsheet and click on the Form Builder icon in your toolbar:

The form builder will automatically appear over the sheet

Adjusting the form settings

To change the form behavior, click on the title of the form in the builder

In the form settings you can add a logo and header image to the form, change the title & description, configure behaviors for after the form is submitted, and change other parts of the form behavior.

Adding fields to a form

The form builder has 15 pre-configured field types for you to build your forms.

Basic Field Types

These are highly configurable fields that should allow you to accept any form of input from your users.

  • Single Line Text: A single-line text input field.

  • Paragraph. A text area for larger amounts of textual input.

  • Number. A field that only allows numbers to be entered.

  • Multi Choice. A configurable list of choices that only allows one item to be selected.

  • Dropdown. A drop down menu with a configurable list of choices.

  • Checkbox. A list of choices that allows for multiple items to be selected.

  • Section Break. A visual break in the form that allows you to add additional instructions.

  • Hidden. A hidden field that allows you to attach hidden values to the form.

Advanced or "Evolved" field types

These are pre-configured fields for common types of data.

  • Name: A first and last name field group.

  • Address: Address input fields with support for international addresses.

  • Email: A text field that only allows valid email addresses.

  • Phone: A text field that only allows valid phone numbers.

  • Date: A text field that only allows valid dates or dates with time to be entered. On most browsers this will render with a date picker component.

  • URL: A text field that only allows valid urls.

  • File Upload: A field that allows visitors to upload and attach files to your sheet. Learn more about File Uploads with Sheet Monkey.

All fields can be configured with additional instructions for visitors.

Previewing a form

To see how a form looks and test how the data will appear in your sheet, click the preview button in the builder UI.

In the preview mode you can submit the form and see how the data appears in the linked sheet.

Sharing a form

The form builder allows you to embed forms directly in a website or share forms directly via a URL. To share your form, first click share in the top-right hand of the screen.

This will open the sharing window for the form builder:

Embedding forms with an iFrame

If you don't want to change any of the form styles, embedding a form via an iFrame is the best choice for sharing. Configure the embed code and then copy the snippet and paste it into your site.

Embedding forms with HTML

If you want to change how the form appears and override styles using CSS, then you embed a form using the HTML snippet. Note: If you chose this method, you will need to recopy this snippet into your HTML each time you change the form.

You can share any form by copying the sharing link. All Sheet Monkey forms are designed to look great on desktop and mobile platforms and automatically preview on social media and messaging apps.

Example forms

Here's a few example forms that were created using the form builder. These are just a few ways you can use the Form Builder to start collecting information in Google Sheets.

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