Spam Protection

Enabling spam protection for your form
Sheet Monkey allows you to filter out spam from submissions to your form. This is best used when you have a public form that isn't behind any sort of login or authentication.

Enabling Spam Protection for a Form in the dashboard

Login to the Sheet Monkey dashboard and select the form that where you want to enable Spam Protection. When you've selected the form, toggle the Spam Protection switch to "On".

Enabling Spam Protection for a Form in the builder

To enable Spam Protection in the Sheet Monkey Chrome Extension, select the form settings and locate the config for Spam Protection. Make sure the box is checked.

If you still get spam or something gets incorrectly flagged as spam

Sheet Monkey uses the Akismet api for filtering spam out of your form submissions. Sometimes spam still gets through. Even more rarely, something that is not actually spam will get filtered. If you absolutely need to make sure that every form submission makes it to your form, don't turn on the spam filter.
We don't turn on the spam filter by default for this reason. It's best to wait and see if it spam is a problem before enabling it.