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How to get notified when someone submits a form

Email Notifications

You can get an email notification when someone submits one of your forms. The email will be sent to the Google email that you registered with.
To enable email notifications for a form, login to your Sheet Monkey dashboard and select the form that you want to send you a notification. Scroll to the notifications section and select the "Email" option.
In the window that appears, you can add up to 5 emails to receive notifications when the form is submitted.
Any email that you add other than your own will need to be validated. The email will be sent a link to approve notifications as soon as you add them.
Once the notifications have been approved every email on the list will be notified when someone submits to the form.
Video guide to email notifications

Slack Notifications

Slack Notifications for form submissions are under development. Get in touch with us if you would like to participate in the beta.