How to get notified when someone submits a form

Email Notifications

You can get an email notification when someone submits one of your forms. The email will be sent to the Google email that you registered with.

To enable email notifications for a form, login to your Sheet Monkey dashboard and select the form that you want to send you a notification. Scroll to the notifications section and select the "Email" option.

In the window that appears, you can add up to 5 emails to receive notifications when the form is submitted.

Any email that you add other than your own will need to be validated. The email will be sent a link to approve notifications as soon as you add them.

Once the notifications have been approved every email on the list will be notified when someone submits to the form.

Autoresponder emails

Send an automatic response to the person who submitted the form. To get started, click on the "Autoresponse" button in your form.

Autoresponder emails use Handlebars syntax to merge form variables with the email text. Handlebars is simple to learn and should be easy for anyone to pick up quickly.

The autoresponse requires you to complete all fields for you to enable this feature. You will need to specify the following:


  • Email. Must be a valid email address.

  • Name. The display name.

These will appear in the "From" display name and in the "Reply-To" field in the submitter's inbox. Note: You cannot use Handlebars expressions in the "From" fields.


  • Email: The email to send the autoresponse to. You can use Handlebars to merge this field with submitted form variables. For example: {{Email}} or {{Name}}<{{Email}}> would both be valid if the form had input fields with those names.

  • Subject: The email subject. You can use Handlebars expressions here too.

  • Message: The body of the email to send. You can use Handlebars expressions here too.


You can format your message using html markup. For example:

<strong>Hello, {{Name}}</strong>!

Other formatting options are allowed. Generally try to keep your HTML simple as we do filter all messages to prevent scripting attacks.


We've added a few helpers to our system to make composing messages easier. {{All_Answers}}

If you want to just include all submitted answers in the message, you can use this single variable and Sheet Monkey will automatically insert all the submitted answers in a list. {{split}}

This helper function allows you to split strings. It's useful for situations when maybe you collect the full name in a single form field but want to respond to the submitter with their first name. Here's an example of how you could do that with the split helper:

<input type="text" name="Name" /> 
Hi, {{split Name 0}}

If a user submits "John Smith" in the "Name" field, the auto responder will render it as: "Hi, John".

If you wanted to address him by his last name instead you could use the autoresponder this way:

Hi, Mr. {{split Name 1}}

And the autoresponder will render it as: "Hi Mr. Smith".

Autoresponder example email

Here's an example of the Sheet Monkey welcome email built with our autoresponder.

The text of the autoresponder is:

Hey {{split Name 0}}!

Welcome to Sheet Monkey!

I made Sheet Monkey to help people do more with their forms by connecting them to Google Sheets. I hope you find it useful. Here's just a few things to help you get oriented:

1. Our guide for connecting your forms to Sheet Monkey can be found here:
2. If you want to follow the developer on Twitter, you can find him here:
3. If you have any questions or ideas on how to make Sheet Monkey better, just reply to this email.

Have fun!

Designer & Developer of Sheet Monkey

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